Kristen Stewart Calls Herself ‘Miserable C*nt:’ Is She Regretting Robert Pattinson Reconciliation?

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You gotta love Kristen Stewart. The girl just grows on you. In her new Marie Claire interview, she called herself a “miserable c*nt.” That’s not a misprint. Robert Pattinson’s newly reinstated lady-love referred to herself as an unhappy slang term for the female genitalia that “is widely considered to be highly vulgar.” She went on to clarify that riveting remark by explaining that she’s never sure when she’s really happy. Which sort of implies that she’s not happy now and never has been. Seriously, KStew, happiness is like great sex. You may not be able to describe it afterwards, but you know it when it happens. Duh.

Or not.

When asked when she’s most happy, the On The Road star’s reply was equivocal to say the least.

“I’m a miserable c***!” she declared. “I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits. There are such different versions of happy. And I really appreciate both.”

Right. It’s true that happiness is a subjective state of mind that varies from individual to individual. Sometimes, it even varies from time to time within the same individual. While it’s good that KStew appreciates being calm and content and also walking along the razor’s edge, it is also highly suspect. Although it can certainly serve a purpose and even be the means to an end, the razor’s edge is never a good place to remain. Liking life atop a tightrope is always pathological. Perhaps La Stewart should consider some long-term, in-depth therapy. She can certainly afford it. Because seriously, if you can’t be happy with good health and $34 million a year, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

On the other hand, KStew’s sanity–er–state of mind might be connected to the interview’s timing. It has been suggested that she cheated with the singularly unattractive Rupert Sanders to experience just the sort of anxiety and tension implied in her Marie Claire comment. Could the comment also imply that she’s already bored with her contented life now? Is the Breaking Dawn heroine already regretting her reconciliation with Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson? Ouch.

Oh well, time will tell. However, in the meantime, to reiterate: You gotta love Kristen Stewart. Any woman who calls herself a c*nt in public is a roaring girl indeed.

More power to you, KStew. Never change. Well, get some therapy for that happiness issue, but never alter who you intrinsically are.

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