Kristen Stewart Calls Herself Pretentious, Does Robert Pattinson Agree?

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Does Robert Pattinson agree with Kristen Stewart’s self-description of being pretentious? She used the term recently when discussing how choosy she is when picking film roles.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Kristen explains she could never play a role she didn’t believe in.

“I’m not in thProfile Picturee entertainment industry, I don’t do that,” she says. “It sounds so pretentious but it’s kind of the only way I can do that, I’m so not a performer, things need to be … things need to feel so important. That if you don’t do it you feel you’re failing everyone … that you’re depriving the world of something that really mattered to you and really affected you and it’s worth it.”

And as far as Robert Pattinson is concerned, he actually referred to himself as pretentious, too. So even if he doesn’t agree that Kristen Stewart is pretentious herself, he no doubt understands where she’s coming from just the same.

Do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are pretentious with regard to their film roles? Should they be a bit more open and maybe try out some roles they’re a little bit unsure of?

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