Kristen Stewart Caught Out in L.A. Wearing Robert Pattinson’s Cap and Ring

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Kristen Stewart was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles for the first time since she cheated on Robert Pattinson. Contrary to recent reports, the Snow White and the Huntsman star looked neither haggard nor emaciated. She looked remarkably normal. Perhaps even more interestingly, photographs reveal that she was wearing her estranged boyfriend’s cap and the ring he gave her. What does that mean?

On August 20, La Stewart was finally spotted venturing out into the world for the first time since her affair with Rupert Sanders was revealed. For weeks, the former Twilight heroine has been lying incredibly low, reportedly hiding out at the home of her friend, producer Giovanni Agnelli, and “killing herself” on a diet of Red Bull and cigarettes. Photographed by waiting paparazzi while getting into her vehicle, the remarkably normal-looking Stewart sported “sunglasses, jeans, and a white crop top that showed off her fit stomach.” She carried a large backpack, a McDonald’s coffee, and a paper bag containing “what look[ed] like a bouquet of some sort…” Considering all the harassment and mean-spiritedness leveled at her over the past few weeks, she looked great.

Most remarkable of all were Kristen’s accessories. She was wearing Robert Pattinson’s Baltimore Orioles baseball cap, and perhaps even more importantly, she wore a gold ring which was clearly visible on her index finger in the photos. As all twihards know, that’s the ring RPattz gave her.

To reiterate: What does all this mean?

It may mean absolutely nothing. Perhaps La Stewart just wanted to grab a coffee and buy some flowers, and Rob’s cap was the handiest thing to put on her head. And perhaps, in the midst of all the recent drama, she just forgot to remove the ring. Or not. Maybe it’s a nice ring and she just likes wearing it. It’s possible.

Alas, it’s not probable. Looks like KStew is wallowing in some sort of self-induced delusion that Robsten is still on. If that’s the case, she should wake up. Robert Pattinson’s behavior is indicative of the exact opposite. Not only is he acting like Robsten is yesterday’s boring old news, he’s reportedly planning to go on a guys’ vacation with his new BFF Leonardo DiCaprio and meet some supermodels.

Click here to see pics of Kristen Stewart on her recent outing.

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