Kristen Stewart Caught Smoking Pot–What Will Robert Pattinson Say?

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Kristen Stewart has been photographed smoking marijuana–several times. Not that she isn’t in good company. Lots of celebrities from Rihanna to Matthew McConnaughy are partial to the so-called evil weed. But what, if anything will her boyfriend Robert Pattinson say?

In celebration of April 20, A.K.A. 4/20, A.K.A. National Pot Smokers Day, Hollywood Life compiled a list of celebrities who smoke grass, complete with accompanying photos of said reefer-loving celebs lighting up. Interestingly enough, included on the list along with such well-known pot enthusiasts as Snoop Dog, Brad Pitt, Wiz Khalifa, James Franco, and Whoopi Goldberg, was Robert Pattinson’s lady-love, Kristen Stewart. As you can see in the photos by clicking here, the Breaking Dawn heroine was once photographed clad in a bikini top embroidered with marijuana leaves. Oops. There’s also a shot of Kristen firing up a bowl full of grass while seated on a stoop with an unidentified guy. In both photos, she’s obviously feeling no pain.

So, there you have it. As for what Robert Pattinson thinks of Kristen Stewart’s penchant for smoking the happy herb, Rob is keeping mum about it. And he’s also maintaining his silence about the pot-smoking pictures unearthed from KStew’s pre-Twilight Saga past. It’s highly unlikely, however, that RPattz would disapprove of his girlfriend getting high. After all, he’s been known to tie one on with alcohol from time to time. Disapproving of Kristen’s marijuana use would be a bit like the pot telling the kettle to be Straight Edge.

You go, KStew.

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