Kristen Stewart Chasing Robert Pattinson to Australia

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Kristen Stewart is not letting her man get away without a fight! Robert Pattinson is in Australia working, while Kristen remains in California, for now. Amid reports that Rob will or already has ended it with Kristen, she is reportedly panicking and getting ready to chase him down.

A new report suggests Kristen is extremely jealous and insecure and doesn’t want to leave Rob alone for too long. “She can’t stand the thought of some woman getting her claws into him,” reveals the insider. Rob is an attractive guy and ladies tend to flock to him. Is the relationship really that fragile that she is worried he would hookup with some stranger?

Apparently, Kristen is not convinced absence will make the heart grow fonder. The source adds, “She’s worried they won’t be able to make their relationship work with the distance.” How about the fact she truly loves him and wants to be with him? Seriously, if you had the means to travel with your working partner, wouldn’t you?

While some may call Kristen a devoted girlfriend, this particular insider says Rob is not cool with all the devotion Kristen is showering him with. “Rob wants her to stop being so needy and jealous. She’s pushing him away more and more.” Ah, Rob, come on, she just wants to be near you. Is it really so bad having a gorgeous young lady waiting for you at home every night?

All eyes will be on the airports. Will Kristen Stewart jet off to Australia in the coming days?

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