Kristen Stewart Cheated Due to Stress Over Parents’ Imploding Marriage?

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Experts say Kristen Stewart may have cheated with Rupert Sanders because worrying about her parents’ unravelling marriage made her psychologically unstable. If that’s true, will Robert Pattinson take her mental state into consideration and eventually take her back? Should he?

As the world now knows, Kristen’s parents, Jules and John Stewart, recently threw in the towel after twenty-seven years of marriage. What most people probably don’t know is that the couple have been separated since 2010. That means KStew must have known her parents’ marriage was headed onto the rocks for a long time—probably even before their separation two years ago. Watching her parents’ union crash and burn may have caused her to “sabotage her relationship with Rob Pattinson by cheating on him with Rupert Sanders.” In other words, she did something impulsive and stupid to end her relationship before it could fall apart like her mom and dad’s.

“After watching her parent’s marriage decay over the years, Kristen’s views on relationships would have definitely been affected,” opines relationship expert Rebecca Grado. “Kristen had to witness a 27-year-old relationship fall apart, this would make her ask, ‘Do relationships last?’, ‘Will my own relationship last?’, ‘What if Rob is unfaithful?’ She is going to feel out of control and one way to feel in control is to sabotage your own relationship. This is something people do all of the time…subconsciously. Instead of waiting to see what would happen, Kristen chose to sabotage her relationship with Rob. She probably thought it was going to end anyway and didn’t want to wait in agony.”

Ouch. Poor Kristen Stewart. No wonder she’s still reportedly suffering from crushing depression. Of course, whether her pre-cheating scandal family problems and their effects on her mental stability will cause Robert Pattinson to eventually reconcile with her remains to be seen. Interestingly, in a Hollywood Life poll, a slight 54.61 percent majority of respondents believed the Snow White and the Huntsman star “cheated because of her parents’ problems.” No one was undecided.

So, there you have it. Best of luck to all concerned.

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