Kristen Stewart Cheating Photos Fake? Was It all a Publicity Stunt?

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Did Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders pull one of the biggest fast ones of all time when they were “busted” cheating on their significant others? It is almost impossible to imagine Kristen would throw away her relationship with Robert Pattinson for a quick romp with her much older and very married director, but that appears to be the case. Or so it seems. There are those who are not convinced the entire scandal was nothing more than a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt.

Before you scoff at the conspiracy theory, Crushable writer Jenny Maier has some pretty valid points. First of all, Rob is a huge star, but he is still struggling to prove his pull at the box office in films not related to the Twilight franchise. So is Kristen, for that matter.

Kristen and Rob’s relationship crumbled weeks before they were set to premiere films independent of the vampire mega-flicks in North America. Rob’s Cosmopolis did not exactly get rave reviews, but fans of the actor were thrilled to see it and managed to give it a huge boost. His fans were more than willing to shell out the cash to see a lackluster film all in the name of supporting Rob and his broken heart. The same can be said of Kristen’s On The Road. Liberty Ross got a huge popularity boost simply be being the jilted wife.

Some person, with a lot of time on their hands, went through each and every one of the photos of Rupert and Kristen’s tryst and analyzed them to a point that could be considered unhealthy and slightly obsessive. There are a lot of discrepancies pointed out in the video below.

Is it possible this entire business was all a hoax? Why would Kristen Stewart admit she cheated on Robert Pattinson and suffer through the brutal backlash she had to have known was coming?

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