Kristen Stewart Compares Herself to a Psychopath

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Kristen Stewart gave an interview to Extra‘s Ben Lyon after the premiere of her new film, On The Road, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7.

During that interview, Lyon asked some of the tough questions. However, KStew was up for the challenge, especially when asked how she, Garrett Hedlund, and Sam Riley got through filming a threesome for the flick. Lyon wondered how the actors prepared for such a sensual and intimate situation that was to be committed to celluloid for all to watch.

While Hedlund claimed that “you just do it. There’s no other way,” Kristen talked about her own method, saying, “I like to push myself… you couldn’t go this job in any genuine sense unless you so completely believed in it, almost like a psychopath.”

So then Ben pressed, asking if KStew was admitting that she is, actually, crazy. And the actress agreed, claiming, “Just a little bit.”

Isn’t that telling?

Perhaps Kristen Stewart can relate to this line of questioning by the Extra reporter since she is so remorseful for what she had done when she cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders. Perhaps she was “a little bit” crazy when she did such a doomed deed. Perhaps she was out of her mind, running on the same fumes that a psychopath runs on when she carried out this “momentary indiscretion.”

What do you think? More to the point, what would Robert Pattinson think about this line of questioning answered by his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, during an On The Road interview in such a particular and, yes, perhaps peculiar way?

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