Kristen Stewart Compares Snow White to Twilight Saga’s Bella Swan

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Kristen Stewart seems to think her character in Snow White and the Huntsman and her Twilight Saga character, Bella Swan have a lot in common. While their similarities might not be apparent to anyone else, KStew should know. She played the two seemingly very different women in back-to-back films. So what does the clumsy, clingy, co-dependent Bella Swan have in common with the “fairest of them all?” Aside, that is, from the fact that both characters have been brought to life on film by La Stewart?

“They both come to find that they’re leaders,” Kristen Stewart explained in a recent interview with “That’s definitely a similarity. Both of them are sort of a little more intuitive and spiritually, for whatever reason, connected, and their gut is always sort of dead right.”

Hmm. Well, if KStew says so. Of course, audiences have yet to see her bring Snow White to life and therefore, they can’t accurately compare and contrast the two. It’s interesting that KStew considers Bella Swan a leader. Throughout most of Twilight, she seems like more of a damsel in distress. Snow White is too, of course, but not by choice.

Oh well, Snow White and the Huntsman is scheduled for release in theaters on June 1. You can decide for yourself what if anything KStew’s two characters have in common and which one you like best. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of respondents in a recent Hollywood Life poll think they’ll still prefer Bella Swan. A 61.69% chose Edward Cullen’s lady-love over the paltry 15.73% who preferred the fairy tale heroine. 22.58% decided they’d wait to see Show White and the Huntsman before deciding.

Wonder which Kristen Stewart incarnation Robert Pattinson prefers?

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