Kristen Stewart COPIED by Ashley Green in Much Music Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto Canada – PHOTOS

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Well, I’m a huge fan of theTwilight Saga: Eclipse movie and I can not wait for it to premiere… In my opinion, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the ECLIPSE cast within the movie serves a unique part and I have always enjoyed seeing those actor expressing their uniquess via the way they dress up or dress down to other movie premiere events and occasions.

Unfortunately, after seeing the following photos I wonder if some of these cast mates share the same stylist because LOOK at what Ashley Green is wearing and then flashback to what Kristen Stewart was wearing at the MTV Movie Awards Show…. a little toooo similar for my liking… and I’m not alone in this assessment.

It would have been a BRILLIANT move to put Green in another outfit and have her hair down or mix it completely up because now there are a lot of people who just think Ashley Green is trying to emulate Kristen Stewart!

Anyhow, let me break it DOWN for ya:

  • Hair PULLED back
  • Metallic colored shirt and top

and well that’s all I’ve got but the overall look together is too similar for my approval… SEE the other MMVA Photos HERE!!!


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