Kristen Stewart Disappointing Another Man Besides Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may have thought they have scads of media attention before, but it was perhaps nothing compared to the spotlight that the couple (or ex-couple) is now under. Of course, the elevated hype comes courtesy of Stewart’s cheating scandal with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. And, while Pattinson has been putting on a brave face to promote his new movie, Cosmopolis, the disgraced actress has seemingly been hiding in the shadows and taking a break from it all.

She’s no longer keeping her stripper role in Cali and she’s reportedly not attending the upcoming 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Nor did she attend her recent premiere for On The Road on Pattinson’s home turf, London. Whether or not any of these occurrences were a result of her “momentary indiscretion” is debatable. But she did succeed in disappointing yet another person (besides Robert Pattinson, Liberty Ross, fellow stars, friends and fans and the list goes on) in skipping the red carpet for her indie-like flick.

File:Kristen Stewart 3, 2012.jpg“Yeah, it’s a shame,” admitted On The Road co-star Danny Morgan on Kristen Stewart’s absence at the premiere, as Hollywood Life confirms. (Apparently, she was never scheduled to attend, though—affair or not.) “We would have all loved her to be here and it would’ve been great and I know she’s sad she can’t be here.” Morgan went on to emphasize, “She would’ve loved to be here because I know she’s so proud of this film and her performance in it and she’s amazing in it. People will be blown away by it. She’s incredible.”

Well he certainly had some nice things to say about Stewart and apparently isn’t harboring any negative feelings towards her less-than-attractive actions of late. The fact remains that she’s an undeniably talented, buzz-worthy actress, and as soon as this particular storm blows over, there’s no doubt she’ll be back in action on red carpets—couture, Converse sneakers and all.

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