Kristen Stewart Dissed by ‘Breaking Dawn’ Costar’s Mocking ‘Pitch Perfect Peformance (Video)

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Kristen Stewart has been dissed yet again, for the umpteenth time since the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal. This time however, the diss takes the form of art, and it’s deftly performed by one of KStew’s Breaking Dawn co-stars, Anna Kendrick. The new movie titled Pitch Perfect features a character named Becca who is a slender, raven-tressed beauty who is also habitually sullen, grouchy, nervous, fidgety, almost pathologically shy, and prone to alienating the people she loves most. Sound like anyone you know? Someone whose initials are KS?

Yes, Anna Kendrick seems to have based her Pitch Perfect character on none other than her old friend and costar, KStew. In Pitch Perfect, a film about collegiate a cappella singers, she seems to ridicule not only La Stewart but also her Twilight alter ego, Bella Swan. Anna’s character, whose name is Becca, sings with a group called the Barden Bellas. Furthermore Becca looks and dresses like the real-life Kristen Stewart complete with “black nail polish, a sour expression, casual hand-me-down clothes…[and] straight, dark locks.” She’s also a music lover with a great singing voice who is nevertheless too shy to show it off. She is “fidgety and mumble-filled, and she is always pushing people away” just like KStew did to Robert Pattinson when she cheated with Rupert Sanders. Yikes.

What the real KStew thinks of Anna’s impersonation of her—er—Anna’s Pitch Perfect performance is unknown. But you can watch a trailer on the video below.

What do you think?

Note: Wonder if Robert Pattinson has seen it yet?

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