Kristen Stewart Flips Off Famous Designer

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Kristen Stewart was caught flipping off fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld while she modeled for his photo shoot in Paris. If she thought she was pulling a fast one behind his back, now the cat is out of the bag. Her finger flip was caught on camera for all the world–including Karl Lagerfeld–to see.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, rumor has it that one of these photos of Kristen will cover the June issue of Vanity Fair.

Kristen StewartCould Kristen’s bad manners come back and slap her in the face at some point? Karl Lagerfeld is the director of Chanel for goodness sake. What if he takes offense to her poor behavior and tells other designers and photographers that she’s difficult to work with?

Kristen Stewart has a reputation for being a bit of a tough cookie. The elegant and beautiful side only comes out on rare occasions and is typically graced with a true Kristen move, such as wearing sneakers with her gown at a red carpet event or–as seen on Monday–flipping off a famous designer during a photo shoot.

Maybe Robert Pattinson can talk some sense into her girlfriend and Twilight co-star. The two are a lot alike, but he tends to stand on ceremony when the situation calls for it. His manners are impeccable and he hasn’t (so far, anyway) been caught in any disgraceful social faux pas.

Do you think Kristen Stewart should personally apologize to Karl Lagerfeld? Or should she hope he isn’t offended and simply brushes the whole incident off?

You can see Kristen in her less than ladylike manner by clicking here. Doesn’t she remind you of a very naughty tomboy?

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