Kristen Stewart Flirting with James Franco? Hollywood’s New Hottest Couple?

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have definitely been doing their own thing and going their separate ways since her cheating scandal that ravaged their longtime romance. While it’s not clear whether Robsten has officially split (they have reportedly moved out of the home they once shared), is the actress already getting cozy with another A-list actor? And, if so, how does he stack up to her handsome British heart-throb or her fling: Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

The rumor mill has been working overtime churning out Pattinson and Stewart tidbits at a record clip. Bold claims, break-up buzz and brash “insider” reports are par for the tabloid course in this scandalous saga that’s far from the couple’s more romantic interludes in their happier Twilight zone.

In the gossip-y mix, Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry have been romantically connected, although those stories have been debunked. They’re just friends plus she still seems to have John Mayer by her side—for now.

Now, Kristen Stewart has been matched up with James Franco, of all Hollywood men. He does have a bit of that bad-boy, brooding and hunky edge, though, which seems to be an attraction for the starlet.

File:Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth 2012.jpgApparently, she was “caught flirting” with Franco during the Toronto International Film Festival where she has been promoting her movie, On The Road, in her first major public appearance since news broke of her momentary indiscretion. Hollywood Life reported that a source said, “I watched [Kristen and James] chatting for about 20 minutes. Kristen was surrounded by bodyguards, but I could clearly see how excited they were, laughing and flirting. James invited Kristen for a dinner that night, and someone [said] that James thinks Kristen is beautiful and an amazing actress.”

Ooh… juicy insider scoop—if it had a modicum of truth. The so-called source must have been seeing things (or just looking for 10 seconds of semi-fame), as Gossip Cop has set the record straight with yet another source, apparently a legitimate one this time, who called the whole Stewart-Franco story “bulls***” and confirmed that neither star even crossed paths at TIFF.

Not that a “real” insider was really necessary to cry foul on this faux Hollywood hook-up. Even to the casual observer, it would seem pretty far-fetched that Stewart would be creating such a suggestive scene with another high-profile man. Right now, she still seems to be pretty shaken up about the cheating drama and is probably focused on restoring and repairing her image (and hopefully her relationship with Pattinson) as much as possible. And flirting and gallivanting around with another guy aren’t part of the repair kit.

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