Kristen Stewart Gets Her ‘Twilight’ Time Insulted? By Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, may have spent several years of their professional acting careers in vampire mode, as they filmed The Twilight Saga, most recently wrapping Breaking Dawn-Part Two, which premieres in November. But, despite the time commitment and the rather constant, near overkill buzz about the blockbuster movie series, it seems they owe a lot to their roles on it, including their own personal romantic relationship and their extreme popularity on the fame meter.

So it’s always a bit strange when the reports and the rumors surface about Pattinson “hating” Twilight or bad-mouthing his role as Edward Cullen. Well, regardless if his comments were misconstrued, he has some company—Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, may have just insulted Stewart’s role in the saga, too.

“[Kristen has] been imprisoned by Twilight and this is her breakout,” Sanders said of the actress’ lead role in SWATH, as Hollywood Life reports. “Kristen’s very talented and she’s got a huge career ahead of her where she will constantly surprise people.”

Well, Sanders certainly doesn’t sound like he’s a Twi-hard!

While he was paying Kristen Stewart a huge compliment, he may have not intended for his words to translate as such an insult to her more vampy days—or maybe he did.

File:Kristen Stewart.jpgThere’s no question both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are talented; they both had premieres at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Stewart has shown that she can easily and convincingly transition from a girl-next-door to a vampire to an indie screen siren (On the Road!) and a warrior-princess Snow White.

She’s even commented about leaving Bella Swan behind and pursuing other types of roles, but she was more careful in choosing her words—no real or imagined insults here. “I’m not trying to distance myself from Twilight, but there are several films coming out this year that are going to compound the sense of change,” Stewart admitted.

And “imprisoned” or not, the Twilight zone undeniably increased Stewart and Pattison’s place in the fame game—and did a lot for their real-life roles in that game called love.

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