Kristen Stewart Gives Up on Romance, Wants to Be Robert Pattinson’s Friend

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Rumor has it that Kristen Stewart has thrown in the towel, and admitted that her great romance with Robert Pattinson is a thing of the past. While their love affair might still be resuscitated, KStew’s friends say she’s looking ahead to building a future friendship with her ex-beau.

Whether it’s because she’s so grateful to him for refusing to rake her over the coals on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show or because she still clings to the hope of a reconciliation, La Stewart reportedly wants to someday be BFFs with her erstwhile boyfriend of four years.

“…the realization that their relationship was finally over hit her hard,” claimed a KStew insider. “Kristen was praying that after the dust settled she would get another chance, and she was clinging on to that hope. But she knows now that it’s not to be. Instead, she’s believes that they can now work on a friendship and is desperate to apologize to Robert in person for her affair with Rupert. She doesn’t want to lose Robert completely in her life and would love to count on him as one of her closest friends. After all, they both achieved worldwide fame together because of the Twilight and that’s something the pair will always share. While their relationship might have been tainted, they could still be the best of friends one day.”

Well, good luck with that. While it’s true that some romantic partners who break up remain friends, it’s not really the norm. Furthermore, when the split is as public, melodramatic, and unexpected as the Pattinson/Stewart debacle, it doesn’t portend well for a fast friendship in the future. Looks like Kristen Stewart is in for a lot of suffering. She might be better off with a clean break. On the other hand, people have to do what they feel they have to do.

Best of luck you crazy, mixed up Twilight kids.

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