Kristen Stewart Hurt By Rumors Reconciliation With Robert Pattinson Is a Sham

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson want to be left alone to work out their relationship. Although the two have never addressed their relationship, before, during or after the cheating scandal, it is a fact they are, in fact, a couple. Many assumed the cheating, and reconciliation are all part of a publicity stunt for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Rob maintained his silence and refused to diss his wayward girlfriend in the weeks following the cheating revelation. Kristen’s only comment on the situation was a public apology begging for forgiveness from her jilted lover. It is no wonder some are a little skeptical considering the two have always been so private, and now they are suddenly spotted out everywhere together.

According to Huff Post, Kristen recently confirmed she and Rob are back together. Apparently, during a recent interview, Kristen said, “It’s ridiculous to say it’s a sham, and it’s hurtful to both of us that people are thinking and saying that.” She actually addressed the situation? She must have really changed in the last few months. Kristen adds, “We just want to be left alone.”

What do you think? Did Kristen Stewart really beg for privacy? It seems so out of character for her and is difficult to believe without video evidence. Maybe it will appear soon, but in the meantime, this is just another twist in the Robsten saga.

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