Kristen Stewart in Japan, Robert Pattinson Kept Far Away!

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When Kristen Stewart landed in Japan for a PR tour to promote the latest (and last) of the ‘Twilight’ movies, the first thing of people’s minds was not the movie, but Robert Pattinson.

Where was Robert Pattinson? Actually, he was busy looking annoyed in Australia. So here was Kristen, showing up in the Tokyo airport, having a little rally for the Twi-hards, with no sign of her boyfriend, a mere 8-hour plane ride south of her.

The question is, did the ‘Twilight’ folks do this on purpose. It is hardly a secret now that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, and the couple is just now trying to piece their relationship back together. Is it possible that the movie’s producers decided that it was better for the time being to keep Kristen and Rob apart from each other, perhaps to calm all the tabloid speculation?

Robert has stayed positive about Kristen in interviews, though he always answers the questions professionally, sticking to her acting. It is easy to imagine that Stewart will do the same… worlds apart.

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