Kristen Stewart is a ‘Fighter': No, Not with Robert Pattinson!

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, with their love story all the more engaging as the romance between the two is also portrayed through their dramatic, fantasy roles in The Twilight Saga. The list of qualities that attracts the one to the other has to be a long one, with Stewart probably smitten with Pattinson’s hunky, British charm and his dry sense of humor and he loving her ability to simultaneously hang with the guys and go haute, walking the tricky line between cool tomboy (think jeans and Converse sneakers) and gorgeous glamour girl (she’s rocked many a glittery gown for red carpet premieres!).

But what about the fact that Stewart’s apparently a good “fighter”?! And, no, she and Pattinson haven’t had some big argument or massive row.

Instead, Charlize Theron, the Evil Queen and Stewart’s co-star in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman recently complimented her scrappy nature and raved about their time together on set. “Her performance is fantastic. In fact, she’s quite the fighter,” Theron gushed. Given Stewart’s tough-girl edge, it’s no surprise she holds her own as a rather untraditional, warrior-princess incarnation of Snow White, one who wields weaponry and puts up a fight with the best of them. She might even put Pattinson to shame on any battleground!

File:Kristen Stewart 2008.jpgAccording to Celebuzz, Theron also said of Kristen Stewart, “From the moment we met there was this amazing chemistry between us. We had a great time filming that movie. I really hope people enjoy it. Filming it made me feel like a teenage, like I was 12. The movies itself is a very ambitious project, and to me playing Ravenna was a lot of fun.”

Well, from the nature of Theron’s glowing compliments, it seems Kristen Stewart has a similar ability to win the hearts of her co-stars just like her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, is famous for doing. He’s constantly being praised by his fellow actors, peers and colleagues, both female and male, for his fabulous personality, talent and, of course, his good looks. Stewart would no doubt concur.

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