Kristen Stewart Is Hot Says Co-Star, But It’s Not Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may cut one of the hottest couple profiles in young Hollywood, not only for their star looks, but also because of their hit movies the likes of The Twilight Saga and beyond. There is no question Pattinson knows he has an attractive and cool girlfriend in Stewart, even if neither of the actors discuss much of their romantic relationship in public. But there is someone else who’s not afraid to gush about KStew: Breaking Dawn co-star Nikki Reed.

“Kristen makes a very, very good-looking vampire,” Reed recently admitted of Bella Swan’s hot vampy transformation in Breaking Dawn, where Stewart reportedly brings her unique and signature beauty to the role.

File:Kristen Stewart.jpgIndeed, it’s really no surprise that Kristen Stewart has received such high marks and praise from Nikki Reed not to mention a host of other co-stars, directors and, most of all, fans. She seems to have the ability to truly transform into any character—no matter how different they are—quite successfully. After all, she recently embodied a fairy-tale warrior princess for her lead role in Snow White in the Huntsman and apparently did so very well (jet black hair and all!), that is, if the movie stills and other flick hints are any indication. She has also famously indulged her inner rocker chick as Joan Jett in The Runaways.

But Kristen Stewart and her Bella Swan character may be her most complete transformation so far, given the number of movies in The Twilight Saga and the amount of time spent filming them. Robert Pattinson would surely attest she is not only a fabulous actress, but also “good-looking” as a non-vampire and a vampire! After all, she succeeded in catching his eye (and him, hers) from almost the beginning of their time in the Twilight zone.

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