Kristen Stewart: Is Robert Pattinson Supportive or Avoiding KStew?

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A lot has been written about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison’s relationship issues. So when KStew walked the red carpet this past weekend for the On the Road screening without boyfriend and Twilight Saga costar Pattinson, of course the tabloid gossip about their split started all over again.

The thing is, Robert Pattinson may have had his reasons for skipping out on the event, and they have nothing to do with breaking things off with KStew. Actually, he was trying to be supportive by completely avoiding the event says one source.

“Rob and Kristen have been hoping to take the focus off of their relationship and put it on the movies,” claims an unnamed source to HollywoodLife. “It’s important to Kristen to not have relationship drama following her all of the time…even though he WANTED to be there, it was better for him to lay low.”

So, is it really better for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to work on their careers apart without their relationship overshadowing all of their professional work? At some point Rob and Kristen will have to confront the media with their relationship or the speculation will continue. Of course, by Rob skipping out, all the focus (or at least a good chunk of it) was on Stewart. That can’t hurt, can it?

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