Kristen Stewart is “Scary” as a Newborn Vampire

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Kristen Stewart is going to be one scary vampire in Breaking Dawn! This is coming from Elisabeth Reaser as she talks about filming the next Twilight film. She describes Bella’s transformation to MTV.



She tells MTV, “There has been some cool stuff in the Cullen house with Bella’s transformation.” When Elisabeth (who plays Edward Cullen’s vampire “mom”) is asked how Kristen is cutting it as a vampire, she answers, “She scared me a little bit on Thursday, I’ll be honest with you! Because you know, when vampires are newborns, they’re stronger than any other vampires and for a second there I thought, this might not end well.”  If K-Stew can scare a Cullen, she can scare anyone!

How exciting that Kristen seems to be tackling her new role with ease! Can you picture how Bella will look with red eyes and pale, sometimes sparkly, skin? It sounds like a horrible combination, but sheÂ’ll find a way to make it look great! Of course, fans will have to wait until Breaking Dawn Part Two, which will debut in November 2012 to see Bella turn into a vampire. ThatÂ’s too long to wait!

Do you think Kristen Stewart will make a good newborn vampire? Share your thoughts below!

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