Kristen Stewart Joking About Cheating on Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have undoubtedly been under an extreme amount of stress ever since news broke of the actress’ affair with Rupert Sanders. But, according to the latest rumors, they seem to be working through the relationship blow that is the big “C” word—cheating—and may even get back together for good. However, has Stewart come so far as to now be cracking jokes about her “momentary indiscretion”?

She was recently at the Balenciaga show for Paris Fashion Week, but when asked about the gloomy, gray weather in the City of Light, she remarked, “Yeah, I guess I’m used to it.”

Rather than making light of her cheating scandal, though, Stewart seemed to offer a more sarcastically tinged jab at her own recent dark challenges. As Hollywood Life points out, at least her dry sense of humor may be back to its fighting form. After all, infidelity is no laughing matter. And while Stewart and Pattinson may one day be able to look back on the situation and smile it off as a bump in the road, there doesn’t seem to be enough distance from the incident for that level of nonchalance to happen just yet.

File:Kristen Stewart 2012.jpgThe troubled starlet has obviously been experiencing an extreme amount of duress lately; she’s been the center of tabloid trashing, off-color comments, “trampire” teasing and fan-demonium while dealing with her own personal heartache. Time heals, though, and with her Parisian excursion and polished On the Road premiere outings, it seems Kristen Stewart may be on the up and up. Of course, her possible reconciliation with Robert Pattinson may be lifting her spirits, as well.

She’s even looking ahead to new and, yes, “dark” projects. At the Paris show, she also expressed her desire to shoot an adaptation not of the wildly buzzed-about 50 Shades of Grey, but of another novel, Lie Down in Darkness. “It’s hard to get a movie like that made nowadays,” she admitted, though. At least she has her own dark side to reference should the film actually get the green light.

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