Kristen Stewart, Justin Theroux Hook-Up Rumor! Fact or Fiction?

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Did Kristen Stewart and Justin Theroux hook-up behind Jennifer Aniston and Robert Pattinson’s backs? Just because Kristen is an admitted cheater, does that mean that Perez Hilton’s most recent “scoop” is true?

Actually, this story makes Perez Hilton a big fat (okay, skinnier since he lost some weight) liar!

Perez claimed that Kristen and Justin “met up at Chateau Marmont for a very flirtatious chat.” Was Hilton there to see this? Of course not; using the oldest trick in the tabloid book, the celebrity “blogger” used an unnamed source close to the situation to describe (read: concoct) the scene.

“Within the first few minutes, Kristen had already begun flirting it up with Justin,” claims the source about the scandalous meeting. “The seXXXy exchange [as full of] giggles — and even touching hands!”

Lucky for the world, the celebrity fact-checking website GossipCop was there to set Perez and his made-up story about Kristen Stewart and Justin Theroux, straight. Apparently, Perez ripped the story straight from ‘Star’ magazine, who is notorious for their celebrity fiction.

Thankfully, Justin Theroux’s people have come to he and Jennifer Aniston’s rescue… debunking all of this mess.

The only question is, when is one one of these celebrities going to finally come down hard on the tabloids or people like Perez Hilton who are tying to make a name for themselves by making-up and spreading rumors for their own financial gain, no matter who it hurts in the process.

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