Kristen Stewart ‘Kicks Ass’ As Snow White (Video)

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Kristen Stewart, action star? Charlize Theron says K-Stew puts up a good fight as Snow White in the upcoming movie. She should know. She’s the one getting her butt kicked.

Kristen carries the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, playing the lead character from the classic fairy tale. But the story gets an update, turning the sweet, demure Snow White into an action heroine fighting to become Queen. You know, so she can liberate the peasants. And beef up her acting resume…

Charlize Theron plays the Evil Stepmother in the movie, and she also happens to be Queen. When she realizes that Snow White will become her heiress, she plots a nasty downfall. So, naturally…

Wait. That’s giving away too much. People pay good money to see movies. And that’s the thrust of a red carpet MTV interview Charlize Theron gave when pushed for more juicy details about the eagerly anticipated fight scenes. Is Kristen Stewart up to the demands?

“She was a good fight,” relented Theron. “The b**ch brought it! There you go. Now you have something.”

That can only make fans salivate even more for Kristen’s first big non-Twilight role. She just finished wrapping her scenes, and luckily, the turnaround is so short, producers are aiming for a June release in the US. That’s way better than the 18-month gaps between all four Twilight movies so far.

Can’t wait!

Here’s the video:

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