Kristen Stewart-less Robert Pattinson Gets Serious About Parenting

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Robert Pattinson is serious about learning and practicing good parenting skills. And, with or without Kristen Stewart, he’ll no doubt make a great father. In fact, he’s already a godfather. No, RPattz isn’t determined to win the starring role in some future remake of the Francis Ford Coppola classic. He’s a real godfather to his BFF Tom Sturridge’s sister’s little boy.

In a recent interview with Matilda Sturridge, the young mother talks about how lucky her 18 month old son is to be growing up in an environment that includes a godfather like the Cosmopolis star.

“Yeah, Rudy’s very lucky,” Matilda revealed. “He’s got some cool godparents! He has what I had and more. We’ve done that kind of Italian thing, where he’s grown up with all our families. I can go to work and there’s no sense of abandonment.”


Of course, godparents are by definition, people who step into the breach and take on the responsibilities of caring for and raising a child if something unfortunate should happen to the biological parents. So, the Twilight star definitely takes his role as Rudy’s godfather very seriously. But how does Rob feel about having his own offspring someday? In his Glamour Magazine interview, he dished on playing a new dad in Breaking Dawn Part Two, and he seemed to be looking forward to living the experience someday in real life.

“It’s pretty easy, especially when it’s a little baby…Every guy reacts the same way,” Rob mused. “They just think they’re going to break it. We were working with a three-week-old baby, so it was kind of terrifying…Yes, I can definitely see myself becoming a father in the future.”

So, there you have it. Robert Pattinson—godfather in the present, biological father of the future.

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