Kristen Stewart Looks Incredible in ‘Snow White’ Stills (Photo)

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Kristen Stewart is the most popular actress in the world for playing a very modern girl in The Twilight Saga. But her role as the classic character “Snow White” looks like it may have a shot at being just as memorable if the first major set of stills from the set of Snow White And The Huntsman are any indication.

In this set of photos, Snow White is being carted off on a bier by the famous dwarves who have found her unconscious. The scene is set in a beautifully snowy wood, and the costumes and set decoration bring the fairy tale to life. There’s even a magical kiss, which brings Snow White back from the brink!

The photos of Kristen Stewart, who looks like she has avoided the sun for months, are breathtakingly beautiful as well as haunting. The high resolution shots clearly show the high level of movie making being practiced here.

The film is set for a June 2012 release, just in time for winter in the summer time. Always the best way to experience it.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the set of pictures of Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

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