Kristen Stewart Loves Robert Pattinson… & Jay Leno?

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While you may think that Kristen Stewart only has eyes for Robert Pattinson, she recently professed her love for another man… someone you probably wouldn’t expect! The Breaking Dawn actress signed Jay Leno’s guest book after appearing on The Tonight Show back in November and it’s what she wrote that proves she has room in her heart for more than one guy!

“Jay, I love it heFile:Kristen Stewart 2008.jpgre… Thank you,” Kristen wrote in messy writing. She signed her name and left an “x” and an “o” shaped like a heart no less. She is obviously very sweet and it’s nice that she felt so comfortable on Leno’s show to write something like that, don’t you agree?

For Kristen Stewart, doing interviews is just part of her job. While she’d much rather sit and chat with Jay then get dressed up in a ball gown, she still would prefer hanging out at SoHo House (or even at home) with Robert Pattinson. She is just very chill and very laid back and there isn’t anything wrong with that. In the future, however, a trip to visit Jay Leno will definitely be fun for KStew!

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