Kristen Stewart Named Worst Cheater of the Year in New Online Poll

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Kristen Stewart was the fairest of them all in Snow White and the Huntsman. Now in the immediate aftermath of her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders, she’s garnered another title. Unfortunately, it’s not a title she wanted. In a new online poll, Robert Pattinson’s much maligned former lady-love was voted not only the Cheater of the Year, but also the Worst Cheater of All.

While being the worst cheater of all is hardly an honor, it is an achievement of sorts. KStew had some stiff (no pun intended) competition. The Twilight heroine beat out such celebrity cheaters as Jesse James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeAnn Rimes, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, and even John Edwards. Yikes. Quick, somebody brand a giant capital letter “A” into her forehead. Better yet, get a rope. Her dastardly crime against chastity must not go unpunished.

As if. Poor KStew who, as far as anyone can prove, never even had “sexual congress” with Rupert Sanders, beat out Woods, Schwarzenegger, and Edwards. These three men were married with children. Woods had a veritable portfolio of mistresses. The Governator did his housekeeper in his wife’s bed and fathered an illegitimate child. And Edwards, who should have been the winner of this incomparably silly competition, did his videographer while his wife was dying of cancer, fathered an illegitimate child, then publicly denied paternity of said child in a feeble attempt to save his own skin. And yet, the unmarried, childless Stewart is a worse cheater than these three bozos? As if.

Of course, pooh happens, and the above mentioned gentlemen no doubt had reasons for doing what they did. But seriously, they should have at least been higher on the list. As you can see by clicking here, John Edwards garnered a paltry 3.61 percent of the votes. Arnold beat him with 10.05 percent. Tiger Woods left them both in the dust with 29.12 percent. But La Stewart still prevailed, albeit by a narrow margin, by garnering a whopping 29.90 percent of the votes. Other famous cheaters who lost to KStew included Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, Hugh Grant, and Jude Law.

So, there you have it. Kristen Stewart—the fairest of the fair and the slimiest of the slimy. Ludicrous as it may be—and it is consummately ludicrous—the public seems to have spoken.

Stay tuned.

Note: If Robert Pattinson has made out with another woman, wonder where would he rank on this list? Hmmm. Probably not at the top. What do you think?

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