Kristen Stewart No Longer a Fresh Star? What about Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart and of course her hunky boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, are undoubtedly two of Tinseltown’s hottest topics and most buzzed-about celebrities. But it seems that Stewart may be too popular for her own good, or at least for the March edition of Vanity Fair magazine. The glossy left the actress off the list for its “Hollywood Issue,” featuring the “Fresh Young Stars of 2012.” At the ripe age of 21 and with a few blockbuster movies under her belt (ahem, The Twilight Saga), perhaps she’s just too accomplished and well-known now to make the “fresh” cut. Hmm… that must mean Pattinson is in the same un-fresh boat. Not that their successful status is really a bad thing!

Hollywood Life highlights the omission of Kristen Stewart in this particular issue of VF, but what the gossip site fails to point out in its article is Stewart’s own recent special shoot for an upcoming edition of the magazine—in Paris, no less. Earlier this week, the starlet was spotted in the City of Light, glamming it up for celebrity photographer Mario Testino’s camera and donning an incredibly gorgeous, couture confection from Christian Dior, straight off the Spring 2012 runway, as Celebrity Gossip reported. So she’s definitely getting her deserved time in the spotlight.

File:Kristen Stewart.jpgAs for which lucky and talented glamour girls were included on the shiny, pastel cover of Vanity Fair‘s “Hollywood Issue,” the list of four is an eclectic mix beginning with edgy newcomer Rooney Mara, who stars in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and rocks a gothic, flapper look for the magazine, complete with a severe black bob. Also posing pretty is The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence, a platinum blonde Mia Wasikowska from Albert Nobbs, and The Help‘s Jessica Chastain, who works her fiery red locks.

With this starry roster of beauties, it’s really quite the statement-making cover! Also included in the lineup, but not on the very front cover, are other starlets the likes of Elizabeth Olsen, Shailene Woodley, Paula Patton, and coincidentally Kristen Stewart’s Snow White and the Huntsman competition, Lily Collins, who’s starring as another Snow White in Mirror, Mirror. So was Stewart really snubbed? Probably not. She, like Robert Pattinson, has just graduated to a level of success and fame, where she may be too well-known to stack up (or stack down) to the rest of those “fresh,” relatively unknown Vanity Fair picks.

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