Kristen Stewart Not Afraid of Her Fans! Is Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson are currently one of Hollywood’s hottest couples–and, solo, each star doesn’t rank so shabbily either. Due to their steamy roles together in The Twilight Saga and its latest and last Breaking Dawn installment, not to mention Pattinson’s projects like Cosmopolis and Bel Ami and Stewart’s strong role in the highly anticipated Snow White and the Huntsman, they have firmly cemented a fierce (and sometimes out-of-control) fan club. While bodyguards are no doubt an unquestionable part of K-Stew’s day-to-day, she recently downplayed the attention, nay, havoc she creates and admitted she’s not the least bit frightened of the fan-demonium. What a trooper!

Dressed in a printed sweater and short leather skirt, Kristen Stewart channeled some rocker edge during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While there, she not only promoted her Snow White flick, she also showed her cool, down-to-earth attitude towards all those followers.

“Yeah, every once in awhile it’s odd,” Stewart admitted of the constant crush of fan and paparazzi attention. But, as Hollywood Life reports, she said she just pulls down her baseball cap (probably Robert Pattinson’s Baltimore Orioles one!) and then, “It’s a done deal.” She even downplayed her popularity when Kimmel suggested that the chaos outside his studio was beyond normal, saying, “It’s not.” She certainly is taking it all in stride!

File:Kristen Stewart.jpgHowever, while Pattinson has also been known to share Kristen Stewart’s easy-going, fan-friendliness (they even skipped the VIP treatment at Coachella and hung with the “standard” non-celebrity fest-goers!), he has alluded to the fact that he sometimes tires of the never-ending spotlight that his fame has produced. He also would probably get a bit protective of Stewart in a situation plagued by overzealous paparazzi and fanatics. Apparently, so do her pals.

“My friends are really hilarious actually. I need to tell them to calm down,” Stewart revealed. Well, she may not be intimidated or the least bit phased by what must be a sometimes hardcore level of Twi-hard hubbub, but she did recently admit that there is something that did make her nervous: working with actress Charlize Theron! Well, Theron does have some serious star quality and she does play the Evil Queen in Snow White. But that still doesn’t seem half as scary as a sea of fired-up fans!

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