Kristen Stewart Nude ‘On The Road’ Scene Leaked Online

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A Kristen Stewart nude scene has leaked online from her upcoming movie, “On The Road.” The clip shows the “Twilight” star in her first official naked movie scene, before the film actually hits theaters.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the video clip features Stewart naked in a car along with co-stars Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley. In the interest of not offending anyone, Hollywood Life talks about the scene but does not provide the video. The actual clip has been made available, appropriately, at the Fleshbot website.

In the clip Not Suitable (or Safe) for Work (NSFW), the three actors are together in the front seat of a car, apparently all naked. Stewart’s breasts are on display for several scenes. At one point, a passing motorist gets himself into trouble by staring too long. The clip features foreign language subtitles on it as well.

“On The Road” was previously released in May of this year at Cannes Film Festival. So far, the collection of reviews at Rotten Tomatoes website has given the film a 38% on the Tomatometer, meaning critics were generally sour on this movie. Maybe the leaked nude scene is part of a marketing campaign?

Technically this is Kristen Stewart’s first frontal nude role, for her chest. She has previously shown off some backside nudity in the film “Welcome to the Rileys,” which saw her playing the role of a troubled stripper. So far, her role in “Twilight” has been subdued compared to these movies, which seem to show that she has grown up quite a bit. It really seems like Stewart will have no problem embracing future naked movie roles, as her career continues, to gain “exposure.” However, is that really the best direction for her to go at this point, or will it only help her get more roles?

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