Kristen Stewart or Selena Gomez as Snow White? New Script Details Released!

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It’s no secret that both Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez are in the running for the coveted role as favorite Disney character, Snow White. Although early opinions might prefer teen sweetheart (and raven-haired) Selena Gomez as the more believable princess Snow White, new script details could just favor a more hardcore personality like Twilight’s Kristen Stewart.

According to Hollywood Life, the Universal PicturesÂ’ Snow White and The Huntsman script calls for a strong, independent female lead. Snow White version 2.0 is no damsel in distress. Rather, sheÂ’s quite the action star, apparently holding her own as she combats her evil stepmother Queen Ravenna (played by Charlize Theron) while learning how to fight, spar with a sword and shoot an arrow.

As for her love interests, Snow White must determine if sheÂ’s really in love with Prince Charmant or the older, rugged Huntsman, named Eric, potentially played by Viggo Mortensen.

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So, it sounds like the new Snow White movie has morphed into a thrilling take on the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!File:Selena Gomez 2009.jpg

Given this empowered, non-stereotypical Snow White character, it seems that Kristen Stewart may just be the better fit. After all, sheÂ’s already done the vampire thing and can certainly take on an Evil Queen!

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