Kristen Stewart Paranoid Following Cheating Scandal

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Kristen Stewart is convinced the world is pointing fingers at her and laughing. The days and weeks following her cheating confession were not easy, and Kristen is finally talking about what is was like to be in her shoes. It wasn’t fun, as you would imagine. She is a gorgeous, successful woman, but the scandal stripped her of self-confidence and left her naked and vulnerable.

She talks about what it was like to step out in public, “I’m like, everyone is laughing at me. Literally, everyone is laughing. I feel like I’m in third grade or something.” It took a lot of inner strength for Kristen to get past the leers and jeers from the haters. She explains, “They’re just smiling, but naturally, you look around and it’s like you’re back in school or something.” It didn’t help that she had a guilty conscience. She was obviously feeling self-conscience and paranoid.

Despite the inner turmoil, Kristen got through that rough time and is slowly climbing her way out of the hole with her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, by her side. That is a good man! She talks about the scandal and how she coped. “If you’re the Twilight actress, you apologize, put your head down and do your work, even if doing your work means putting you in front of the same people – the press and the public – who spent their summer scrutinizing and criticizing your every move.”

She lived through one of the biggest Hollywood scandals and managed to come through it with flying colors. She refers to it, her “blueprint” on “how to take your lumps.” Essentially, she made lemonade from the lemons that were tossed her way. The next person caught in a similar scandal may want to refer to Kristen Stewart’s blueprint. It obviously worked. She got the man and her career back.

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