Kristen Stewart Playing a Transgender in Racy New Movie?

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Kristen Stewart may have a radical new role in store after she wraps Breaking Dawn. No, it has nothing to do with Twilight vampires, and itÂ’s not Snow White (although she’s rumored to be the favorite for the lead role in the revamped Disney classic). However, Stewart might just be playing a transgender, troubled individual named Birdy in the movie K-11.

Birdy is a 19-year-old, red-headed girl (really a boy) who is a rape victim and murderer. The film is even co-written by Kristen Stewart’s mother! ThatÂ’s a pretty hardcore part in which to cast a daughter.

“K-11” is the a unit of Los Angeles’ male prison sanctioned for gay and transgender men who wouldn’t survive in “normal” jail. According to the new script, Birdy calls the unit “a sanctuary for broken toys. A home away from home.”

And, the just-released script details only scratch the surface of the shock and awe that viewers can expect to see, should the controversial movie make it to the big screen. As can be imagined, K-11 is loaded with violence, vulgarity, sex and illegal drug use.

File:Kristen Stewart Life Magazine 1.JPGIt sounds like Kristen Stewart is in for a pretty gritty role, if she indeed takes the scandalous part. Can she pull it off?


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