Kristen Stewart Quits Smoking and Drinking in Effort to ‘Reel’ Robert Pattinson Back In

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Kristen Stewart is very serious about changing her ways in a bid to prove to Robert Pattinson how much she truly loves him. The two have reportedly rekindled their romance, but it is clearly still on rocky ground. It will take a lot of time and energy to get things back to where they were. Kristen sounds seriously dedicated to Rob and has kicked a few habits in her pursuit of happiness with the Twilight hunk.

According to a source, Kristen isn’t drinking alcohol and has given up the cancer sticks. It doesn’t sound like Rob asked her to give those things up. She is doing it for herself, which is the best way to get healthy. The source reports, “Kristen has barely touched alcohol since July.” It would have been easy for Kristen to drown her heartache in the bottom of a bottle, but it sounds as if she went the other way and got super fit and healthy.

“She’s given up smoking and taken up Bikram yoga,” explains the source. Her hard work is paying off, “The new fitness plan has done wonders for Kristen’s body and mind. Even her skin is glowing.” Her plan to “reel” her man back in apparently worked. The Robsten insider reveals, “Rob just couldn’t stop raving about how fantastic Kristen looks.”

It does look as if Kristen Stewart has lost a few pounds since the split. She certainly didn’t need to lose any weight, but if she feels better, that is what really matters.

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