Kristen Stewart Ready to Get Naked After Cheating on Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart knows the perfect way to escape if Robert Pattinson does dump her—she’ll just get naked and chill out on a secluded beach somewhere.

The actress probably wishes she could crawl under a rock and hide right now, but before her cheating scandal made headlines, it sounds like she was making some very sexy vacation plans with Rob. Here’s what she recently told InStyle about her perfect romantic getaway:

“I want to explore Mexico or head to a remote island and lie naked on the beach. But it had better be a very secluded strip.”

Hollywood Life tries to make it seem like Kristen Stewart made this comment after she cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, but it’s likely that InStyle procured the statement from Kristen before she embarrassed herself—the last thing she needs right now are leaked nude photos. Then again, at least they would temporarily take the tabloid attention away from her cheating scandal.

Instead Kristen was probably dreaming of getting away from the spotlight with Rob. Maybe she even made the comment shortly after she cheated on him and was thinking that a romantic getaway would be the perfect way to reconnect with her boyfriend while she tries to get over her post-cheating guilt. Or who knows? Perhaps she was actually daydreaming about running away to Mexico with Rupert Sanders.

Whatever the case may be, Twihards are still waiting to see if Rob is willing to forgive Kristen and to take her back. If he does, then maybe the couple will take off to a remote island somewhere to try to get their relationship back on the right track away from prying eyes. Rob would probably be better off just dumping K-Stew, but he could also be seen as a brave man if he takes her back—some people will scoff at the decision and label him stupid and weak. And of course he’ll have to constantly worry about whether Kristen will cheat again.

So do you think that the couple will work things out?

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