Kristen Stewart Ready to Toss Robert Pattinson’s Ratty Hand-Me-Downs

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Kristen Stewart is pretty predictable when it comes to her travel attire. The jet-setting actress sticks with her old faves, skinny jeans and ratty T-shirts that are usually pulled from Robert Pattinson’s side of the closet. It is her look, and her fans and haters have come to expect nothing more from her, unless she is on the red carpet. Then she turns up the glamour 110 percent.

Is Kristen too lazy to reach a little further into her side of the closet and find something clean and pressed to wear when she plans on leaving the house? Nope. In fact, her sloppy appearance is a well-orchestrated plot in an effort to get the last laugh in her war with the paparazzi.

She admits, “The reason you see me wearing simple clothes is because I don’t want to give [the paparazzi] anything.” Her privacy is regularly invaded and there is little she can do about it, but she doesn’t have to put on a fashion show for them. “Literally, I go outside every day in the same thing, so they can’t say anything,” she explains. She adds, “It seems like I don’t put any thought into it, but I recently put all my stuff in one area and obsessively, OCD-style, arranged all of my stuff. Like such a girl!” It isn’t so bad being a girl.

Despite her enjoyment of ticking off the paparazzi, the bum phase is fading, “I do have more than a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans; I actually have some cool stuff! And I think I’m going to start using it.” It will be nice to see Kristen Stewart changing up her style. She is a pretty girl and will surely enjoy dressing in a way that accentuates her beauty instead of trying to hide it.

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