Kristen Stewart Recognized for Butt-Kicking Style

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Kristen Stewart is being recognized for her tough girl, no-nonsense ways. The actress has cultivated an image of a chick who is as real as it gets. She says what is on her mind without worrying about the consequences. Her style screams tough tomboy, despite her small stature.

Kristen’s recent portrayal of a hard-hitting version of the fairytale character, Snow White, has landed her on Variety’s 2012 Women’s Impact List. The magazine explains what they were looking for when the list was put together, “We chose to focus this year on those who influenced the industry by thinking outside of the box.” The list is not just for actresses. Variety included a long list of women making an impact in Hollywood, including the ladies the world has never seen or heard of.

Kristen has the honor of making the Kickin’-A List alongside actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Gina Carano. The list is described as, “Amid all the testosterone-heavy tentpoles and hit pay TV action series this year, it was the female characters that really delivered the knockout punches.”

Variety explains the reason Kristen was chosen for the list, “Stewart made the character her own with a steely version of the apple-loving beauty.” She was not about to play a simpering beauty. Her version of Snow White shows girls can fight back. They do not have to wait for a knight in shining armor to come along and save the day.

Kristen Stewart’s steely nerve will be on the big screen once again in November when the world watches her use her vampire strength to protect her child. She is one fierce female.

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