Kristen Stewart Rejects Kiss From Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart has managed to win back her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, but many are not convinced the couple are well and truly together. Their relationship has been dubbed a ‘showmance’ by some. Although, Rob has already denied that rumor, he is still unwilling to talk about his private life, as is Kristen.

The couple is in New York promoting Breaking Dawn: Part 2. They may be in the same city, but they are not doing joint visits. Their hectic schedules have kept them very busy for the most part.

Rob and Kristen were seen together on November 8, at a small party following the On The Road screening. According to witnesses, Rob was trying to kiss Kristen, and she turned him down flat! What normal female would ever shoot down the chance to get a kiss from RPatz?

Witnesses say, Rob was feeling rather amorous and couldn’t keep his roaming hands off his gorgeous girl. Kristen was “uncomfortable” by the PDA and reportedly told Rob, “Don’t kiss me.” Maybe they were fighting? Or maybe she didn’t like the idea of the voyeurs at the surrounding table watching her every move?

Is it possible the relationship is all just a publicity stunt? That scenario is highly doubtful. Kristen Stewart was probably just not cool with a big show of affection in front of prying eyes.

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