Kristen Stewart Reveals 6 Weird Facts About Herself in New ‘Glamour’ Interview

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With or without Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart refuses to be anyone except her own inimitable, determinedly eccentric self. Good for her. In a recent interview with French Glamour Magazine, Pattinson’s recently reconciled lady revealed some odd aspects of her admittedly quirky personality. She dished on a variety of subjects including beauty, weight issues, pimple remedies, and the woman she calls her “number one American beauty icon.” Interestingly, the form of the interview resembles many given by Pattinson who is known for throwing out odd tidbits of personal information about himself.

Six of Stewart’s weirder revelations appear below.

KStew has some interesting ideas about hair care. She seldom goes to the hairdresser, and she washes her hair only once or twice a week. Eeww. However, she “often refreshes” her raven tresses with dry shampoo. Furthermore, she “rarely” brushes her hair. She prefers the “L.A…beach look…surfer style of Santa Monica.” Whatever that means.

She’s never consulted a skin care specialist. She gets rid of pesky “spots” if and when they occur, with Pro-active.”

Her interesting nutritional regimen seems to consist mostly of drinking a lot of milk and chugging back vitamin cocktails. Unlike many of her female Hollywood peers, she doesn’t try to stay thin. She hates “being rachitic” because it makes her “feel like a guy, losing all femininity.”

KStew considers herself “a cool Californian” as opposed to the other uncool kind that she rather contemptuously describes as the “siliconed, discolored creatures of L.A.” Ouch.

She loves “living without socks.” Whatever that means. Apparently, it’s an integral part of being a cool, non-siliconed Californian.


She also loves her good friend and staunch supporter, Jodie Foster, whom she’s known since she played the Oscar-winning actress/director’s daughter in Panic Room in 2002.

“She is my number one American beauty icon!” Kristen raved. “Her style has not changed since her début… And she is always adorable when I see her.”

Well, Kristen has certainly chosen in Jodie Foster a great heroine. The Silence of the Lambs star is a great actress/director and a paradigm of an intelligent, successful, and independent woman. An American beauty icon, maybe not so much. but KStew’s entitled to her opinion.

Anyway, there you have them–6 recently revealed weird facts about Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson would be proud.

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