Kristen Stewart Reveals Close Relationships with All Her Directors–Robert Pattinson Worried?

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Kristen Stewart put her foot in her mouth again the other day. In an interview, the On The Road star revealed that she always develops relationships with her directors. Ouch. Hopefully Robert Pattinson didn’t read the interview. But if he did, should he be worried?

In a new promotional interview for Breaking Dawn Part Two, the controversial Twilight heroine made what can only be called “an awkward admission.” She dished on how she always develops good relationships with the directors of her movies. In fact, she admitted that those relatiosnhips are extremely important to her.

“I rely, really very heavily, on the director-actor relationship, and I like that about myself,” she said. “I find that if you don’t have a good relationship with an actor, you rely on the director; if you don’t have a good relationship with a director, rely on your actor. You are never going to hate everyone.”

Obviously, Kristen Stewart offered her insights in a purely professional way. If an actor forms and maintains a good symbiotic relationship with her (or his) director, the finished product can only be improved. And the opposite is also true. Many a film has probably fallen flat because director and thespian could not see eye to eye. Or even worse, the films have failed because the actor-director relationships were so poorly developed that the lines of communication were almost non-existent. So, it looks like Robert Pattinson has nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, La Stewart’s relationship with Rupert Sanders no doubt started out as a purely platonic professional one. Nevertheless, it eventually turned “scandalous.” Sometimes, when strangers are thrown together for work, their working relationships gradually become more personal. Of course, with KStew, it’s highly unlikely lightning will ever strike twice. Nevertheless, perhaps she should still “choose her words more carefully” when discussing directors and relationships in future interviews. A 72.78 percent majority of the respondents in a new Hollywood life poll think she should.

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