Kristen Stewart Reveals Why She Loves Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart is usually tenaciously close-mouthed about her romance with her Twilight heart-throb boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. Recently, the Snow White and the Huntsman star opened up about her love for RPattz. Or at least she opened up about the three sterling qualities that he obviously possesses that made her fall and remain in love with him.

When the OM interviewer reminded KStew that her romance with Rob is no longer a secret and hasn’t been one for some time, the On the Road actress replied with what seem like her requirements for a long-term relationship.

Haha, ok. I can reveal that I like men who makes me laugh, but who can protect me and take care of me,” KStew revealed. “Security is important to me. It’s not so practical but I really want to be with someone who likes me and that I can trust in all situations.”

It is interesting that La Stewart leads with the most common quality–the ability to make her laugh. Who doesn’t like being around amusing people with a good sense of humor? And it’s true that RPattz seems to enjoy getting giggly and making lame jokes. Of course, that seems like more of a quality one would look for in a girlfriend, but chaqu’une a son gout.

Her next favorite RPattz quality is also pretty generic. It’s also surprising after the way Kristen Stewart has droned on in other interviews about her characterization of Snow White being a portrait of a woman who takes her life into her own hands instead of waiting around for some guy to rescue her. Wanting a man to protect and take care of her isn’t exactly feminist or even individualistic. In fact, it belongs back in the sexist, conformist 1950s. Furthermore, La Stewart is incredibly rich, famous, and obviously career-driven. She also has bodyguards, why does she need someone to “take care of” and/or “protect her”? Interesting.

Her third requirement is the most interesting. She wants someone who “likes” her. It’s important for significant others to like each other as well as being in love. As for someone she can “trust in all situations,” good luck with that one, KStew. There’s only one person like that one earth, and she’s called “Mother.” Hopefully, La Stewart will never have to learn that the hard way.

Anyhow, there you have it. Although Kristen Stewart’s candid interview revealed more about her than Robert Pattinson, whatever they’re doing seems to be working. Best of luck to them both.

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