Kristen Stewart: Robert Pattinson Is More Important Than Her Mom?

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Kristen Stewart appears to love her co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson more than her own family say her friends. Has she seriously put him first?

Apparently, the rumors started when the Breaking Dawn actress dropped out of her mother, Jules, debut film K-11 to spend more time with hunky Robert! If that’s true, then it’s pretty sad. Wouldn’t Kristen want her mom to succeed in Hollywood too?

“Whenever she isn’t working, she’s jetting to whatever film location Rob is on,” a source told STAR magazine. “She basically drops everything when she can, to be with him.”

Obviously, everything printed in a tabloid isn’t true. Actually, most of the stuff in tabloids aren’t true. So, who knows if Kristen Stewart really did drop out to be with Robert Pattinson or if there were other reasons. She can’t actually be putting Rob first, she just seems to down-to-earth to do that to her mom. Hopefully she’ll figure out a way to be in her mom’s film and be with Rob at the same time!

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