Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Were Planning to Get Pregnant Before Cheating Scandal

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Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had been planning to get pregnant back in the day before her fling with Rupert Sanders tore them apart. According to inside sources, the famous duo, formerly known as “Robsten,” had been talking about starting a family for some time.

“They had been talking about having a baby together once Twilight ended, which is what makes this so extra-painful,” revealed a source. “Kristen knew how badly Rob wanted to start a family, and it was a subject that had dominated their conversations in recent months. Rob would be a great father, and having a baby would probably have brought them even closer together.”

Yikes. Well, if anything good can be said for La Stewart’s weird, supposedly impromptu lust affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, its timing was right. Imagine how horrible it would have been if RPattz and KStew had reproduced and then split. It would have made the melodrama far more complicated and difficult. Not that the Rob and Kristen Break Up Travelling Circus isn’t already fraught with more than enough melodrama.

“Kristen fears she’ll never have the chance to get Rob back, and that their baby dreams are now totally shattered,” mused the source. “Kristen feels so terrible; this is truly a nightmare for her, but there’s nothing she can do to turn back time. If Rob takes her back at this point, it will be a miracle, but she knows she only has herself to blame.”

As for the blame game, who knows? However, Robert Pattinson for all his eccentricities and weird peccadilloes, is emerging as a rather conventionally straight-laced individual. So, it doesn’t seem as if he’s ever going to take La Stewart back. Since that seems to be the situation, his former lady-love snap out of her depression and pull herself together. Kristen Stewart is the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She’s extremely beautiful, and at 22, she has her whole life ahead of her. Even more importantly, she’s already financially secure for that life—even if she never makes another movie. As for kids, she can have them by herself. That’s why they invented sperm banks. Plus, there are lots of other men on this planet. And if KStew was attracted to Rupert Sanders, she’s obviously not too choosy.

No hate. Just saying.

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