‘Kristen Stewart’ Says Costume Made Her Cheat on Robert Pattinson in New Halloween Video (Video)

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Kristen Stewart is doing her part to educate the world about Halloween. Apparently, she is a Halloween aficionado and is keen to share her vast knowledge with anybody who will listen. But wait, it isn’t actually Kristen, but her uncanny look-alike who is dispensing information so ridiculous; you will have to laugh.

Laura McDonald has got the Kristen impersonation down pat. Those who are not huge fans of Kstew would naturally assume they were watching the real deal in the 3-minute video. In the funny clip, Kristen or Laura rather, goes on to explain the origination of Halloween and the customs that have become a part of the holiday. You will probably be left scratching your head after listening to her odd tales.

Kristen has unearthed the reason behind the pumpkin carving tradition. Apparently, All Hallows’ Eve means you must have a hollow pumpkin. You are probably rolling your eyes, but hey, it almost makes sense! The fake Kristen makes being a dead saint sound like a pretty fun time. She claims, “If you’re a saint, and you die; you get to eat candy and be drunk all the time.” Hmm, okay.

Best of all, is Kristen’s issue with people dressing up as scary vampires. After all, “My boyfriend is a vampire.” In comes a pseudo Robert Pattinson denying he is a blood sucker. Oh, and that whole cheating thing, Kristen blames it on the costume she wore for Snow White and the Huntsman. You will have to watch the video below to find out how that factored into the scandal.

Obviously, it isn’t really Kristen Stewart making these odd declarations, but it is pretty funny. Laura has managed to mimic Kristen perfectly, right down to her tilted head and sighing.

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