Kristen Stewart Says She Isn’t a Good Liar—Would Robert Pattinson Agree?

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Kristen Stewart is doing her part to promote Balenciaga’s fragrance, Florabotanica. She is proving her worth as a spokesperson and has represented the company well. While at the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show in Paris, Kristen took the time to plug the fragrance and give a little insight into her past.

Everybody knows Kristen is a bit of a tomboy. It is part of her appeal. She recently revealed perfume has never really been her thing, but she loves it now. “I wasn’t the 15 or 16-year-old girl putting on perfume,” she admits. “It’s such a funny thing that it [perfume] does, that it suddenly gives you a little extra ‘something’,” Kristen explains.

In fact, her recent discovery of perfume has given her a big boost in the self-confidence department. She reveals, “There’s sophistication to it. I feel a little bit…’hello’! And that feels really good.” Kristen likes to keep it real and has often been subjected to criticism for her unpolished ways. She admits, “Thank God I liked [Florabotanica] when I smelled it; I’m not a good liar.” Would Robert Pattinson agree? Kristen did fess up to the little Rupert Sanders debacle rather quickly. She could have denied it, but she did not even try.

Kristen Stewart will do just fine if she can continue to be honest with herself and her fans. Honesty is not always pretty and polished, but it is so much more real and appreciated.

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