Kristen Stewart Says She’s Not Obsessed with Robert Pattinson

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In a recent interview, Kristen Stewart made an astonishing statement. Or two. She said that she has no love obsessions, and that Robert Pattinson is not Edward Cullen. What on earth does that mean?

Perhaps the Twilight lovers are playing a bizarre game to see who can make the more cryptic, illogical, and downright nonsensical comments in interviews. While RPattz is a real master of the art of the cryptic comment, KStew may have just surpassed him with her most recent gibberish–er–elliptical statements about her looks, her approach to “relationships,” and her man.

“I’m not beautiful in a classic way,” the Snow White and the Huntsman star opined in Elle Magazine. “I have no love obsessions, and Robert is not Edward Cullen.”

La Stewart’s first statement is patently absurd. She seems to have a love/hate relationship with her looks which are actually quite spectacular. The obvious truth is that she is absolutely classically beautiful. Her facial features are flawless, and her body is acceptable by Hollywood standards. Of course, the latter may change in a few years–especially since she admits that she eats “bread and blueberry jam” every morning and she’s not into working out. (Not healthy, KStew) But for now she’s physically perfect. Her problem is that she insists on dressing like an unkempt, color blind junior high school boy.

Her comments about Robert Pattinson and her lack of “love obsessions” –whatever those are–are far more problematic. Being “in love” is all about obsession–in a positive and innocuous way of course. It is possible to love a significant other without being in love or obsessed with him or her. Is that what Kstew is intimating–that she loves Rob, but she’s not really truly, madly, deeply, obsessively in love with him? Ouch. Poor Rob. Of course, perhaps Stewart and Pattinson are more friends than lovers. Maybe that’s why their relationship is so “low-key.”

Last but not least is Kristen’s truly dumb crack about Rob not being Edward. Is Kristen revealing to the world that he’s not really a vampire? Duh. Or is she saying that she doesn’t deify him the way his legions of “Robsessed” Twihards do? Or was she intimating–Heaven forbid–what the “nonstens” have insisted all along? That Robsten is a studio-manufactured couple who wouldn’t be in love with each other if they were stranded on a desert island? Or was she simply high?

Interestingly, the On The Road star’s above statements were responses to the question of how she “manages to live a normal life.”

Oh well; you can click here to read Kristen Stewart’s Elle Magazine interview in its entirety. What do you think?

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