Kristen Stewart Says She’s Quit Smoking, Just Like Boyfriend Robert Pattinson (Video)

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Great news about Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson should be very happy. In a new interview, KStew admits that just like her boyfriend, she’s quit smoking! Rob recently admitted that he’s stopped the cigarettes as well, so the two of them apparently quit together. That no doubt helps up their chances of long-term success. If Kristen and Robert support each other, they’ll probably stay smoke-free. File:Kristen Stewart Life Magazine 1.JPG

Kristen revealed the big secret during an MTV interview. At first, Kristen was discussing the fact that she really wants to learn to speak French. When told that she really does need to quit smoking, a smiling Stewart grinned and said, “Guess what?!” She then made a mini-bow. So yes, she’s stopped smoking, but she won’t say how she did it. Hypnosis? Nicotine replacement? Sheer willpower? Oh, who cares, right? She’s quit!

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson: The couple that quits together hopefully stays smoke-free together. She’s made a great decision for her health’s sake, and fans should be proud of her. It’s also great to see Kristen so animated in an interview, as she was for this one. She seems really stoked about her upcoming movies, Snow White and the Huntsman and On the Road.

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