Kristen Stewart Sends Robert Pattinson Loving Message from Paris by Dining at La Fidelite

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Even Kristen Stewart’s haters would have to give her credit for her perseverance and ingenuity. She was caught dining at a restaurant in Paris called Fidelite—which means fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness. Was her choice of the oddly named eatery Kstew’s way of telling Robert Pattinson that she’ll never cheat on him again? Will he understand her message? Even more importantly, will he believe her?

As the world now knows, the Twilight heroine is now attending fashion week in Paris, the fabled City of Light—and also love. Unfortunately she’s there without her semi-reconciled Cosmopolis man. On September 27, the On The Road star was spotted at restaurant La Fidelite. If the reports that Pattinson has put her on a one month probationary trial before committing to a permanent reconciliation, then it certainly behooves her to mind her Ps and Qs. It would also explain her “doing everything she can to prove to Rob…that she loves him.” And that apparently includes dining alone at a trendy Parisian restaurant with a weird name.

Whether Rob is buying it or not remains unknown. But if he’s anywhere near as observant and analytical as his Twihards, the meaning of Kristen Stewart’s message won’t be lost on him. In a Hollywood Life fan poll, an overwhelming 69.41 majority of the respondents thought KStew was sending her once and, hopefully, future beau a pledge of undying love, fidelity, and hope for their future. Of course, the question is: Will she keep that promise?

Stay tuned.

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